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Hatozaki Blended Japanese Whisky

Hatozaki Blended Japanese Whisky

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Elegant, smooth and easy to enjoy, our whisky enhances the pleasure of relaxing moments spent with friends, family and loved ones. From the curious amateur to the local connoisseur, Hatozaki appeals to everyone in a delightfully welcoming way.

Hatozaki was named after the oldest stone lighthouse in Japan, a symbol of safety and guidance listed as a Historical Monument. With a design strongly inspired by the delicate naturalistic art of the Edo era (1603-1868), Hatozaki also incorporates a deep respect to the whisky of Scotland, the country that pioneered the spirit.

Nose: Light, sweet malty aromas alongside more cereal notes and fragrant lemongrass. Fruity notes of nectarine and banana appear.

Palate: Grain sweetness, a touch of honey and barrel char, with more stone fruit and orange blossom.

Finish :A gentle nuttiness appears on the finish alongside more cereal notes



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