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Jura Scotch Whisky 12-Year-Old Gift Set

Jura Scotch Whisky 12-Year-Old Gift Set

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This is Jura at its most intense and muscular, yet it remains an approachable whisky that makes the perfect accompaniment to a gathering. That’s how our tiny island community enjoys it.

Bourbon cask maturation and an aged oloroso sherry finish produce a honeyed sweetness that offer notes of warm spice, banana, soft citrus and a finish of freshly ground coffee and dark chocolate.

Colour- Golden-hued

Nose- Dark chocolate, honey, walnut and soft citrus

Taste- Coffee, salted bananas, liquorice, brown sugar

Finish- Matured in American White ex bourbon barrels for 12 years and finished in Oloroso sherry casks from Jerez, Spain

This beautiful gift set comes with two perfect sipping glasses, sharing is optional !

40% AVB


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