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Mars Kasei Blended Whisky

Mars Kasei Blended Whisky

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Mars Kasei Blended Whisky is a wonderful soft whisky. The Japanese word Kasei means Mars, although it doesn’t taste of nougat like the chocolate bar it certainly holds its own - with delicate white flower aromas, ripe fruits and hints of spice.

This is a blended whisky combining malt and grain, married from a variety of barrels which are housed at the Mars Shinshu distillery.

Originally founded in 1985, the distillery is owned by the Hombo family who moved the original distillery from Kagoshima Prefecture to its new impressive alpine location.

The Mars Shinshu distillery is Japan’s highest whisky distillery, at around 800 metres above sea level, it is situated between Japan’s mighty Southern Alps and the impressive Central Alps.

 Nose: Light and floral with hints of ripe peaches, and a touch of smoke.

Palate: Green apple and vanilla come through amidst subtle smoke. Sweet flavours then come forth.

Finish: Lemon and vanilla dessert finish.



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