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Octomore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Edition 13.1

Octomore Islay Single Malt Scotch Whisky Edition 13.1

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Octomore 13.1 is as youthful and dynamic as its super-heavily peated predecessors. Distilled patiently from the 2015 harvest of 100% Scottish Mainland barley, this single malt is malted to a stratospheric 137.3 PPM and matured in the highest quality American oak casks.

Character Synonyms with the classic Octomore .1 style. Hidden peat smoke allows the floral, malty spirit and the sweet American oak to combine in perfect harmony, before dry, earthy smoke sweeps across the palate.
Nose - Initial impressions are of sweet nutty smoke, loaded with barley sugar and ripe fruit. Syrupy apricot and ripe pear along with malty vanilla notes of barley flour and Crème Brulee, honey and tablet. The American oak brings coconut, almonds and charred oak. The peat smoke is delicate but powerful and, along with the charred oak, brings out boot polish, leather and earthy notes.
59.3% AVB
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