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Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

Teeling Single Pot Still Irish Whiskey

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A traditional Dublin recipe, where the sweet biscuit element of the malted barley blends effortlessly with the spice and cream elements of the un-malted spring barley.

Methods Stills- The use of a wooden wash back gives our pot still whiskey its fruity and light floral nose. Triple distilled in our Dublin distillery, our Pot Stills preserve the grain and fermentation elements during the distillation allowing us to maintain that spicy and creamy mouth feel.

Methods Barrels- Maturation in American Virgin Oak, Ex-Bourbon and Ex-Sherry Barrels imparts different flavours from each leaving us with a unique spice, cream and muscovado sweetness.

Tasting notes-
Nose- Emits notes of hibiscus flowers, honeycomb, white grape flesh, grapefruit & citrus.
Palate -Hints of lychee, more white grape notes along with white pepper, warm, roasted peaches and baked biscuits.
Finish-Hints of spice, roasted almonds and maple sugar lingering in the mouth.

46% AVB


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