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Whitby Gin - Prince of Darkness - Cherry Gin

Whitby Gin - Prince of Darkness - Cherry Gin

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It is the blood of his victims that gave Dracula life in the novel, and it is our crimson spirit which keeps the story alive 125 years on.

The Prince of Darkness Edition is created in celebration of the 125th publishing anniversary of Bram Stoker's - Dracula.

Developed from the international award-winning Whitby Gin, The Prince of Darkness gin is laid to rest in Transylvanian Oak casks taking on flavours of vanilla and caramel.

The oak-aged gin is then combined with cherry and citrus to create a spirit as impressive in appearance as it is on the palate.  

Palate: Sweet cherry notes are perfectly balanced against a hint of smokiness to create a fierce warmth with an added bite.

Nose: A citrus aroma with a hint of smokiness partnered with a hint of jammy sweetness.

40% AVB 


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