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Wyborowa Polish Vodka

Wyborowa Polish Vodka

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A classic whose iconic taste is recognized all over the world. Wyborowa meets the requirements of the Protected Geographical Indication – Polish Vodka. This means that every production stage takes place in Poland. It is the Polish rye that gives the classic well-recognised Wyborowa vodka its distinct taste mixed with subtle sweetness. Through the combination of centuries-old Polish distillery traditions and modern technology, Wyborowa has become part of our national heritage.

Wyborowa has been appreciated not only in Poland but also on 70 global markets.

Odour- Rich, nutty, with a hint of fresh, wholemeal loaf of bread.

Taste- A delicate texture with clear notes of Brazil nut, wholemeal bread, subtle sweetness and balanced creaminess.

Finish - Fresh, rich, nutty and long-lasting.

40% AVB


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